Ice Cure, Girls Cafe, Proving Ground & Ellen O’Dwyer

It’s still morning, and yet so far I have so many things to be thankful for and that make me happy, I have to add them now. The first was receiving a spectacular video from a friend on Ice Cure, that wonderful Israeli company that cured my breast cancer. The video is posted here and should be of interest to every woman who might face this awful disease because Ice Cure certainly offers a great way out of it. But for me personally, it is great to see two very intelligent women explaining the procedure, both women I now call my friends, both because of my visit to Israel after I had the procedure and their kindness to me there and secondly because of our zoom and telephone conversations over the past few months. The videos that are always circulating showing the brilliance of Israeli scientists when it comes to the Iron Dome they invented that keeps the nation safe from attacks are pretty spectacular as well, but I lean towards the brilliant women who are advancing health science to such an intense degree. The second thing that’s made me so happy so early this morning is the sunshine and high temperatures that have just encouraged Cathy and Vera to offer some outdoor dining at The Girls Café in Highlands today. It’s worth a stop just to say hi and welcome them back to the almost-real business world! Kudos to their friend Mike who is making the outdoor restaurant look so neat, clean and inviting. He’s a hardworking and generous man! And if I need three things that make me happy in the morning, it’s that today is Thursday, which means a few dear friends and myself celebrate tonight just being together and being able to laugh and have fun at our favorite stomping place, the Proving Ground. Oh, and there’s another reason I’m so happy this morning, and so many more if I really wanted to count! But look for my story on Ellen O’Dwyer pretty soon. Ellen is spreading her own seeds of happiness, survival, environmental protection, and beauty, what with all the milk pod seeds she is distributing to help protect the endangered Monarch butterfly. Ellen and some very smart girl scout leaders have designed a wonderful project that is probably as effective at preventing depression and boredom in youngsters as it is in teaching an appreciation of nature and how to be a part of it.


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