In Support of Law Enforcement

I was stunned to hear at the Atlantic Highlands Council meeting that one of the town's political parties put up a photo and a police-hating message on their Facebook page on April 13 of all days...Thomas Jefferson's birthday..... that does nothing but teach children how to distrust police. In a community like Atlantic Highlands, where the police are a vital part of everyday life, where they take the time from their duties to help a wonderful kid who painted beautiful pictures for elderly residents just to make them feel better, where you know you can call an officer and ask for help for anything from giving you information to being there in a crisis, the page was an absolute insult. Let's not compare, relate or even infer national issues in major cities where there are major crimes every day and police action needed to respond to major crimes every day have anything to do with a community like Atlantic Highlands. So many of us stop a military member to say thanks for your service, or pick up the tab for their lunch if we see them in a restaurant. It's about time we start doing that for police officers like Atlantic Highlands has on its force every day. Go to Veni, Vedi Scripto and read for yourself how our local PBA President....a great guy himself., as is the entire department had to say about what the AH Democratic club had up on its page. I didn't look tonight, I certainly hope it's gone by now. Good officers are pretty hurt, offended and disgusted right now...let's give them thanks for their jobs well done! ____________________________________________________

As the Atlantic Highlands PBA President, I would like to take the time to address the Mayor and Council specifically the members of the Atlantic Highlands Democratic Party. I come to you today first, as a concerned Father, Husband and Police Officer about a picture that was posted on the Atlantic Highlands Democratic Club Facebook page on 4/13. For those unaware this post depicts a faceless, brown skinned male subject, hands up in the air, with four bullet holes on his shirt. Next to this picture there is also writing that states "Hands Up, They Shoot, Hands Down, They Shoot, You Walk, They Shoot, You Run, They Shoot, You Hide, They Shoot, You Sleep, They Shoot, You Comply, They Shoot". By "they" this picture insinuates that "they" are Law Enforcement Officers and we the members of Atlantic Highlands PBA Local 242 are Law Enforcement Officers. This post which is completely untrue attempts to spew hatred, and entice violence towards Law Enforcement Officers with no factual basis behind it. This comment, filtered to all that can read it are teaching young kids that all Law Enforcement Officers are racist, killers and this attitude can result in somebody getting hurt or killed. This comment is inflammatory and untrue and our residents’ young and old should not be taught to be afraid of us. This disgusting rhetoric attempts to portray a false narrative that police shoot people for no reason. Although this Atlantic Highlands Democratic Club Facebook page has 459 fans with only 2 comments and 10 likes under this post proves to us that a majority do not support this ignorant view. It was on 3/12 that Resolution 54-2021 was passed by the Borough of Atlantic Highlands making the month of May, Law Enforcement Appreciation Month, one month and one day later this post appears. Myself and the members of the Atlantic Highlands PBA 242 who serve the Atlantic Highlands community are offended by this post and completely surprised that members of the Democratic Party feel this way about us. The Atlantic Highlands Police Department is a diverse Department that serves this community with the upmost pride and respect. The Atlantic Highlands PBA denounces any form of hatred or injustice against anyone and we condemn this post and what it represents. Thank you Adam Gurian Atlantic Highlands PBA 242 President