Is No One Qualified in Highlands?

While Atlantic Highlands Councilwoman Lori Hohenleitner will doubtless be a formidable and hardworking member of the Highlands Housing Authority, it makes me wonder whether the powers that be...and I haven't found out who they are yet not think there is anyone good enough, smart enough, hard working enough or qualified enough to serve on the Authority in the entire borough of Highlands.

The Authority is responsible for both Ptak Towers and Jenny Parker Manor, both major constructions and residences in the borough and it would seem to me there are people in HIghlands far more familiar with the residents,the units and everything about them than someone already very busy handling affairs in her own community.

As to who appoints members, if anyone knows, they are not telling me. Mayor Broullon has not yet answered an e-mailed question asking who makes the appointment, and Councilwoman Hohenleitner, who always responds to queries from anyone, said she is unclear on how these decisions are made. She added, however, she is grateful for the appointment and looks forward to serving the residents of the Highlands Housing Authority.

The councilwoman said her appointment is through 2024 and the letter about her appointment came from the Lieutenant Governor and she was vetted by the Governor's Department of Appointments.

Ms Hohenleitner said it is possible her experience with low-income families in Monmouth County in her professional field as well as her passion for their needs may have had something to do with her selection to the unpaid position on the Authority.

One does wonder, however, if there is nobody qualified enough to fill the position of overseeing two developments in the borough how is it possible to find five persons who can oversee and properly govern the entire borough of Highlands?


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