It's a Grand Old Flag

Cheers, thanks, and applause for his love of country and undaunted praise in the United States to Highlands Borough Administrator Mike Muscillo. As soon as he got one report of the disgraceful appearance of the American flag at the World War I memorial at the Capt. Azzolina Bridge, it took him less than 20 minutes to find out who should be contacted and how to out up an American flag without rips, tears, and an abominable condition. Turns out it is the borough's job to insure the flag is always at the perfection it should be, so perhaps a bit of shame for police and employees who see it on a daily basis and don't say anything about it when it's torn and ripped in shreds. Maybe it should be the pride and joy of the American Legion or VFW, or maybe Henry Hudson as a way of instilling student with a pride in the nation. Local residents who notice a shredded flag should contact the borough to let them know. A huge thanks to MIke Muscillo for taking immediate action. Veterans and active duty military folks appreciate your pride and to those of us who love the country and the flag it represents!


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