It's a Small, Small World

MANALAPAN – Miniaturist Darren T. Scala will present a program on the history of this unique art form on Tuesday, Sept. 14, in a virtual program presented by the Monmouth County Library.

Scala will trace the history of miniatures from their earliest known beginnings in the days of pharaohs in Egypt, through the Renaissance era and into the growing interest in the 21st century. It is believed the modern day doll house for children was spawned by the Renaissance era, when women of a particular social class created cabinet houses.

Scala’s talk, which begins at 7 p.m. and is presented on Zoom, will captivate viewers and possibly entice some into becoming tiny hobbyists or collectors. He is the founder of D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, where many of his scale works and miniatures are exhibited.

The program will be presented live and is offered at no charge. Registration is required, and available by visiting and clicking on Upcoming Events to sign up. Registrants will receive e-mailed information and the link for the program on Monday, Sept. 13 by 4 p.m. Registration closes at noon, Sept. 13.

Look to the library’s page for information when a later presentation of the program will also be offered, again with registration required.

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