Just Park It!

ATL HIGHLANDS – Mark Fisher, a member of the borough’s Parking Committee, presented an in depth, highly detailed recommendation for new parking regulations for the borough at last week’s meeting of the Mayor and Council.

In his comprehensive report, Fisher noted parking is a growing problem within the borough and the Parking Committee has been studying numerous ideas in order to make recommendations to the governing body.

The Committee, with Councilman Jon Crowley the council representative, is proposing new parking regulations for both Holly Tree Municipal Parking Lot on the west side of First Avenue at the entrance to the municipal yacht harbor as well as Hennessey Blvd. between Bay and Center avenues, both of which would increase parking for local residents.

Fisher also pointed out both recommendations would improve parking in the area of the north side of First Avenue near the harbor and local restaurants at very little cost.

Speaking for the committee, Fisher said the next step would be for the Council to give approval to the Borough Attorney to prepare ordinance changes, and move forward through the process of introducing, approving the changes, conducting the public hearing, and move forward to passage of new regulations.

More information will be available on the proposals before the next Council meeting.


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