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You have to give credit to Mark Fisher as certainly the most astute, interested, knowledgeable, and concerned resident of Atlantic Highlands whose aim always has been and always seems to be simply to keep the public aware of everything they need to or want to know about how the borough is run, what it is doing, and how they can become involved.

Every month, prior to the next meeting, Mark always includes a copy of notes from the previous meeting of the Mayor and Council, so folks can be brought up to date on what happened then or was discussed then for possible action at the next meeting.

In this week's report, Mark also noted the next meeting is tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. and folks can attend in person. Unfortunately, while he notes the meeting is also live-streamed, and gives you the link for the live-stream, Atlantic Highlands still doesn't allow persons, whether disabled or not, to actually participate in meetings via ZOOM or some other readily available service they've used in the past. But it's still possible to listen in and get frustrated if your own comments or questions cannot be addressed.

This will be the new administrator Robert Ferragina's first official meeting so great good wishes and luck are sent out to him.

November meetings will be on different days because of two holidays. Because of Veterans' Day, the first meeting for November will be Wednesday, Nov. 10, instead of Thursday, and the second will be Monday, Nov. 22, because of Thanksgiving the following Thursday. As great as this Borough Council is, it's a certainty they don't want to be meeting, nor do they want to have residents attending, a meeting on a day when we should all be giving thanks for so many things.

To see the agenda for tomorrow's meeting, either visit, the borough's very informative page, or see it and more news on Mark's page AHNewsByMarkFisher. You can subscribe to the group by e-mailing Mark at

Mark's own slogan, quoting former President Reagan, is one every newspaper should follow: "Trust, but Verify."

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