Kim Guadagno

I was delighted to get a letter from another of my favorite people, Kim Guadagno of Monmouth Beach and throughout New Jersey acclaim. Kim, a former Lt. Governor, Monmouth County Sheriff, Monmouth Beach Commissioner and so much more, was writing to extol the benefits of ensuring Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso gets voted back to Trenton for another term. Kim said she agreed with everything I’ve been saying about Serena’s loyalty and work ethic, to say nothing of high principals. She stressed how important it is for county committee people in each of the districts in each of the towns Serena represents to vote for her at the County Convention coming up on March 18. Kim gave numerous solid reasons why Kim should be re-elected….is there anyone who REALLY thinks she should not? But she also pointed out, even if you were considering it out of loyalty to someone, this is no time to switch horses in mid-stream considering he impact Covid has had on New Jersey and the ways things get done. Experience plays a major role here as well, she said, and throughout her years of service, even back to when she was Holmdel Mayor or county freeholder, let alone her continuing service to the Holmdel First Aid Squad, Serena has proven her experience and ability to think and act under pressure are priceless. “These are not the days for learning on the job,” the former LT. Gov said, and she is absolutely correct. Nor are they the days to “blindly follow the tune of those who have never been to Trenton and simply have no idea how it works.” As always, Kim continued showing her own high standards for what a politician should be, “these are not the days for people who put petty politics above the needs of the people of the 13th District.” Her own experience she has, taught her to “speak truth to power when power no longer reflects our values.” Kim’s never been afraid to do that, nor has Serena!


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