Last Day of the Season

There’s only a couple of hours before the 2p..m. closing of the Highlands Farmers Market, the last day of what has been a successful months long Farmers Market at Huddy Park.

Organized by the Highlands Business Partnership, the Market has been a popular event throughout the spring summer and fall for many years, with many of the vendors annual providers, while new ones coming in each year.

“I hate to see it close,” one woman shopping for fresh vegetables and a roll of mozzarella cheese being made in front of her,” not only have the vendors been so nice and friendly, but they have also brought such quality products here to Highlands. Not only that, but it’s been like a great big neighborhood party. Besides getting potatoes, squash, and pastries, as well as the so many other unusual items, you get to talk to neighbors and friend you might not see otherwise. I can’t wait until next year when it opens again and will probably have even more vendors to choose from.”


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