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ATL. HIGHLANDS – More than 2,000 letters have been sent to all homes and businesses in this borough once again offering the Home and Business Registration System, a staple in this community since 1990. The program is offered and maintained by the Home Security Committee of Local242 of the PBA with officers Scott Reinert and Michael Zudonyi heading the committee. With the probable switch from a local dispatcher program to the Monmouth County Dispatch, the Home Security Program will still be in effect and may well include an even accelerated response team in contacting businesses or residents, PBA Local president Adam Gurian said. Under terms of the program, offered at no cost or any obligation to anyone, letters went out to all businesses and residents inviting them to join or update their program to ensure local police have instant access to information on whom to contact should an emergency arise at the resident’s home or businessman’s place of business. Information cards for enrolling request the street address of the home or business location and the name and phone number of the person to contact should an emergency occur. Once the Home Security Committee receives the information, they will send a numbered decal for display on the front door of the requested address. In the event of an emergency, an officer at the scene will relay the code number on the decal to headquarters and quickly enable police to locate the information card and contact the person identified as the person to call. With the anticipated switch to the county system, Police Chief David Rossbach said the local security program will continue, and maintenance of individual records will be transferred, most probably via electronic means, or by an excel spread sheet or total transfer to the anticipated Spillman Computer System. Under the new system, Gurian pointed out, officers will have access to the necessary information through the computer in patrol vehicles, a time saver which will mean an even quicker response to contact the resident/business owners. Nor is the program limited to home or business owners, Reinert and Zudonyi added. Tenants in the community can also sign up and interested persons who have not received the letter are invited to contact the police Local at 732-291-1214 to sign up as well. Decals can be placed on any exterior front door to an apartment or home. It contains the coded number police use to access the resident's contact information in the system. The decals also include the most recent year the information was provided, to ensure the most updated data is included, making it important for those who already have the stickers to ensure they notify the PBA committee with any changes or updates. Gurian said records are not kept on the number of times the Program is used, but added, “I can say for a fact that it has been helpful when making notification to residents/businesses about alarm calls or suspicious activity at the home/business when no one is there.” Rossbach once again commended his officers for conducting a program he has termed “an invaluable aid in preventing crime and ensuring the security of both homes and businesses in our borough. Police have used the program on routine patrol to follow up on suspicious activity including property damage or activity in a particular house or business when the department has been notified of a vacancy for a specific time frame. Having the information on hand enables police to contact the designated phone number quickly and efficiently.” The PBA Local does not seek any funds or donations of any kind for this added degree of safety, but would accept donations to defray the cost. Donations received in excess of the program costs would then go to Local 242 charities which include child abuse preventions, L.E.A.D., crime prevention, Sandy Hook Little League, the local Elementary School and First Aid Squad, as well as local food drives, Christmas gifts for underprivileged children, PBA death, scholarship and legal funs, and other PBA activities.

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