Mango and Feta Salad

Found another great recipe that makes a great cooling dinner salad and is loaded with Vitamin A, calcium and just plain goodness.

Taking advantage of fruits and vegetables in season has so many benefits we don’t even realize. I found going to farmers’ markets has not only been fun but relaxing. Stopping to talk to the farmers and learning more about the fruits and vegetables they grow has been educational. Living in New Jersey, I’ve gotten an entirely new respect for why we are called the Garden State.

Mangos have never been a popular fruit in our home, probably because they’ve never been plentiful. Now however, I find them in markets and grocery stores in all sizes and shapes, and they are wonderful for eye health.

Cheeses of all kinds are a great source of calcium and lots of other vitamins and minerals, so you can’t ever go wrong with cheese….except for the cholesterol and fat levels, and for that, it’s usually still okay so long as it’s cheese in moderation. Blending it with other healthy foods kinds of stretches it and makes it easier to continue to get all those vitamins while watching out for fats. If you’re not a meat eater, cheese is also a great protein source.

So blending the two, mangos and feta cheese in a salad goes like this:

Mango and Feta Salad

Whisk together: 2 tsps. Balsamic vinegar and 1 Tbls. Olive oil in a large bowl.

Add 1 c sliced onion (I like red onion in this!) ,

2 Cups mango,

1 cup avocado,

1 cup cucumber,

a Cup tomato, each cut into bite size pieces, and

1/c cup radishes, sliced.

Toss them all together and you’re done!

Lay some lettuce leaves on each of two plates, spoon the salad on top, and top with ½ Cup cubed feta.

That’s all there is to it!

Perhaps if you want some starch, serve it with dinner rolls or pita bread;

if still think you’re not getting enough great health for your eyes, mix in 1/3 cup cranberries, or sprinkle with chopped walnuts!

This makes two very large servings! And it’s so low in calories you can add on carrot cake for dessert!


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