Mazzola Not Going to Seek Re-Election

HIGHLANDS – Councilwoman Linda Mazzola made it clear at a Mayor and Council public information meeting tonight that she is not seeking a second term on the governing body.

Mazzola, who was elected to her first three year term, told Veni Vidi Scripto after the meeting the pressures and obligations of her own work are her reason for declining to seek another term on the governing body when her term ends Dec. 31 2021.

The councilwoman said she has “mentioned this to some people” but added while she has definitely made the decision, she had not publicly announced it until tonight.

Mazzola’s announcement came in the midst of a public information meeting on the governing body’s plan to take action on an Area of Redevelopment study at its next meeting in September. (see related story). The area of Redevelopment under discussion extends from Memorial Park on Bay avenue to Gravelly Point, and includes small portions of several side streets as well as a portion of Shore Drive.

While residents posed a number of questions and gave pros and cons on the proposal, primarily concerned with whether properties could be condemned to meet the development plans and how plans can be considered or developed while the question of flooding remains uppermost and is not addressed, Mazzola said she agreed with some concerns and saw benefits with the plan, but added she is finished in December as a councilmember.


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