Mea Culpa Tommy Ptak

In my recent article, "Never Forget! (more like no one remembers)" I wrote "I was struck three years ago when March 22 went came and went in Highlands without so much as a recognition for Tommy Ptak" my words were limiting and incorrect. Although the administration of the Borough of Highlands did not publicly recognize the 50th year of Tommy's passing, a day so wrenching that it took many of us to our knees, this painful and emotionally commemorative date did not pass unnoticed by some. The Highlands Historical Society has never forgotten, not on the anniversary of Tommy's death, not on Memorial Day, not any day. For that, we should all be eternally grateful and appreciative. Below is the Email I received from the President of the Historical Society, and my response. When you have the opportunity, visit their Facebook page, there are a lot of good things that we shouldn't be forgetting either Hi Muriel, Enjoying your blog but must correct the impression that young Tommy Ptak's death while in the service during Vietnam went unmentioned during the anniversary of that terrible day. The Historical Society of Highlands posted a remembrance and brief biography of Mr. Ptak on its Facebook group page. We also posted about Tommy on Memorial day.. We try to keep the memory of those we have lost alive but sometimes we miss. But we do try. We encourage your readers to join our group, post memories and photos, ask questions and to engage in dialog. And, lest I forget, many, many thank yous for doing your part in keeping Highlands history alive. Best, Sheila Weinstock President, Historical Society of Highlands Thanks so much, Sheila, and my apologies for any appearance I was inferring the Highlands Historical Society did not remember Tommy Ptak. I know, as a member, and one who loves everything the HHS is doing to keep alive the importance of Highlands history,I know the Society always acknowledges, praises, and laments the loss of Tommy and every other Highlands veteran. MY purpose was simply to keep people aware that history indeed is made every day, and those of us who were part of late day history certainly love and always want to remember Tommy. Thanks for all you do and for keeping history alive in Highlands. And now I'm also looking forward to all you're doing with the Twin Lights Historical society, and can't wait for the summer exhibit! Cheers to Walt Guenther for all he is doing working with the lighthouse historians...and what a real group they are as well! Summer should be terrific at the Twin Lights...and in Highlands.


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