Meet the Independents

ATL.HIGHLANDS – Council candidates Zack Brown and Morgan Spicer are opening their campaign season with a free ten minute film at the Atlantic Movie House on Sunday Sept. 12 from 1 to 4 p.m.

The candidates, a husband and wife team who are running as independents in the election of two candidates for the borough council in the November election, are inviting everyone to stop in the theater Sept. 12, enjoy some free popcorn and view a ten minute video which apparently will show their positions or biographies to enable voters to know them better. One of the two candidates will be inside the theater, the other outside, inviting people to ask them questions and learn more about them.

Inside, the video will be shown several times throughout the three hour invitation period.

Brown and Spicer will face Republican incumbent James Murphy and Ellen O’Dwyer, and Democrat candidates Brian Dougherty and Lesley D’Almeida in the Nov. 2 election. Incumbent Democrat Councilman Roy Dellosso is not seeing another term.


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