Middletown Historical Society, Monmouth Troubadours & The Monmouth County Library

Excited about zooming in on Middletown historical Society’s 7 p.m. speaker tonight. It’s Mark Stewart, that terrific writer who is also a member of the Twin Lights Historical Society Board. Mark, who has written several books and is a researcher par excellence, is speaking on Penelope Stout and more local history tonight. There’s still time to sign up to listen, go to the Middletownhistory@gmail.com and sign on. This will be a topic you won’t want to miss.

And if you haven’t heard Bygone Duets by the Monmouth Troubadours, make sure you do while they’re still on the Monmouth County Library website. They’re there until Aug. 15 presenting all kinds of concert music from Renaissance to Baroque. Lisa Frost-Goodall is a music teacher and a classical singer, but she also is a flutist and holds a master’s degree in education. Steven Russell is director of the Garden State Philharmonic Chorus and founded Voices of Old Bridge. He too holds degrees in music, as well as music education, and choral conducting. Together they’re fantastic. Visit www.monmouthCOunytLib.org, to access the program.

And the third thing that’s making me happy is yet another of the county library’s fantastic online programs. You really have to listen in to Jamie Novak who’s great on giving hints on how to declutter, or how to throw away all the stuff you know you must have but never use, and make your whole home look better. She’s on Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. on Zoom, and she’s accenting tidying up the kitchen. The following week she’ll talk about cleaning up the storage area, then after that, she’s on to filing and sorting paperwork. Once you’re on the Monmouth County Library site, and you look under Upcoming Events, you’ll see how to sign up for Jamie’s programs as well as so many others.

All of this great talent is free and available without ever leaving your home. If there’s any one thing good that has come out of Covid, it’s that so many great historical societies as well as the county library, have learned how to hone their skills online and can now present spectacular talent at absolutely no cost to the viewer.


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