Milestones & Thank Yous!

Today has been pretty terrific for me….isn’t every day? But I did get a big thrill when my blog was contacted by someone in South Dakota! For me, that meant a great achievement. I’ve only been counting contacts and responses and e-mails Veni Vidi Scripto receives since June, and for the last week or so, the only state I had not heard from of all 50 in the Union was South Dakota. Today I received that contact as well, so I can honestly say I have literally covered the United States with my words.

The number of nations I have heard from is even more astonishing! Veni Vidi Scripto has now been read on five different continents: North and South America, Australia as well as New Zealand, is that part of the Australian continent, Europe and Africa?

Hearing from people from throughout the world has also made me bone up a bit on my geography. I’ve been contacted from Qatar and Pakistan, from Saipan and the Isle of Man, from Guam, Germany and Gibraltar, along with all of the British Isles and Ireland as well. I’ve heard from the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Mexico and Israel, none of which was surprising since I have some friends in each. But Indonesia, India and Slovakia are a real surprise, as are Sweden, Spain and France. In all, I’ve been contacted by readers in no fewer than 50 different nations, and I find that awesome and mind boggling.

From what I’ve gathered, these readers are interested in two or three different articles or subjects they seek out. Obviously aging macula degeneration is a hot topic with folks who are suffering with the disease and happy to be able to learn something about it. I’ve also found many people respond to the recipes I’ve included that are particularly healthy for AMD sufferers, even without having AMD and have agreed with me that the diet for better eye care is also a terrific diet for better health, better skin, and healthier hearts.

People with breast cancer respond to my stories about cryoablation, that incredible procedure I underwent five and a half years ago as part of a highly successful trial. I’ve had requests for how to locate and contact Dr. Tomkovich, the radiologist who worked with the Israeli company (and that’s how I have friends in that nation!) to bring these trials, which have now been deemed successful and can be done on more women than the limit in the trial, to the United States.

I’ve heard from folks who can’t believe some of the stories about Highlands and actually asked if I am a fiction writer. I did explain those stories are all true, but I am trying my hand at fiction in my next book, hopefully on the market before Christmas. It’s a compilation of whimsical stories ideal for reading to children or simply enjoying over the holidays.

Very gratifying have been remarks I’ve gotten from people who like when I write the Three Things that made me Happy that day. Their notes show it has brought a different perspective to some people, and they too have started a booklet citing three things every day that have made them happy. That was particularly great to read since I know that positive thinking sure as heck beats out negativity any day.

I’ve heard from people who like the history stories, many who have visited in Monmouth County and liked reading the stories behind some of the places they’ve been to, others interested in coming here to see some of the history for which this part of the state is so famous.

Folks who love train rides or anything to do with the railroad have told me they like the cross country trips I’ve written about Amtrak, while others say they like the stories that accent the talents of people they may not even know but enjoy reading about.

Surprisingly, while people do not always agree with my opinions, I have had very little feedback on some of the ‘controversial’ stories I have written, and even less criticism. There are the folks who respond on Facebook to different things I’ve written, and some who say an “old lady” like me couldn’t possibly write so much. That’s obviously from someone who doesn’t know me at all, or know about all those years at The Courier when I had to write dozens of stories with lots of research every day for more than 20 years. It was great fun, a great education, and will be forever grateful to both Matt Gill and Joe Azzolina for giving me the opportunity to do it.

So thank you, especially all my followers in Highlands, Atlantic Highlands, Rumson, Middletown, Keansburg and Union Beach, thank you for wanting to see what I read about several times a week, as you tell me. Thanks to the friends I do have in all the New England states, Kentucky, Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California and more. I miss seeing you on regular basis, but I feel closer to you when you let me know what you think of what I write.

And as for everyone from whom I’ve heard in Spain, Singapore, Portugal, Malta, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Guam, Denmark,, Cyprus, Greece, Costa Rica, Dominion Republic, Canada, Cameroon, Brazil, Belgium and Albania, I am so happy you like hearing from someone in my perfect little spot in the world.


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