Military, Snow Removal & Friends

Every day there are so many more than three things that make me happy, and there has never been a day that at the very minimum three things have made me happy. Today I simply reveled in three things that made me happy other days, then made me happy again today when I thought about them. One was talking with a friend and we were charmed once again by his young granddaughter. The family was together at Thanksgiving he said, several generations, and this thoughtful beautiful little charmer of nine years of age put one of her toy soldiers in front of every place setting. When she was asked why, she simply said it was to honor all those soldiers and sailors who couldn’t be celebrating the day with their families because they were out protecting them and everyone else. The second was the wonderful neighbor who, without a word, simply came out not once but twice in these recent snowstorms and shoveled sidewalks for two different women who live alone. When I say shoveled, I mean the entire sidewalk in front, the walk to the door, and the steps and porch to each home. That’s kindness and kind of melts your heart to think back on it. Add to that mom and daughter who came one night and shoveled out my car! Does everyone have such wonderful friends and neighbors? The third for today would be thinking about the one night a week a few friends get together at the Proving Ground in Highlands for one or two drinks, some great food, an awful lot of laughter, a few serious discussions, and an all around totally relaxed evening because we all feel so comfortable with each other and enjoy each other’s company…..even when we disagree! That’s real friendship! And that makes me happy.

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