Montecalvo's Save the Historical Society $$

HIGHLANDS – The Highlands Historical Society is grateful to the Montecalvo Family for their recent donation which will save the Society hundreds of dollars, Society president Sheila Weinstock announced this week.

“We thank the Montecalvo so very much for their thoughtfulness and generosity,” the Society president said. “As soon as Valerie heard that we pay a monthly rental in order to storage memorabilia, she contacted me and made the offer to continue to pay the monthly rent.”

Weinstock said the Society has a number of boxes of memorabilia ranging from newspapers and photographs to larger items and papers and has been storing them in a public storage facility to ensure they are protected. The monthly rent for the facility is one of the regular costs the Society incurs, she said, and is paid for through donations to the Society.

With the Montecalvo donation, the president said, the Society can continue to use its donations to further the preservation of history and offer programs of interest and historical significance.

“We were very happy to be able to help out the Society,” said Ms. Montecalvo. “Preserving Highlands history is important to the community, we are longtime residents and recognize that, and are happy to be a part of keeping people informed about events and people who played roles and are important in the borough’s history. Hopefully sometime in the future, we will be able to provide bigger and better storage as the Society continues to grow and preserve many different aspects of the community’s background.”


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