More than a Library

Stopping in at any library should be enough to make anyone happy, and the three things that made me happy today were at the Atlantic Highlands branch of the Monmouth County Library.

Not only is everyone on the staff more than pleasant and helpful, they also even suggest some great ideas or other books if you’re looking for something new. But this morning, one of the employees actually came running out of the library to chase down a departing customer because she had suddenly found something the customer was looking for, and didn’t want her to go home disappointed.

Then the library has tons of giveaways that folks should take notice of. For moms of youngsters, pick up Net Cetera, kind of a guide on what to teach your kids about going online. Some very special tips and guides for tweens seeking independence online, as well as knowing a bit more about mobile sharing and networking and the care that should be taken.

Anybody remember the Dewey Decimal System? It’s still intact, still in use, and the library even has cards to remind you that 100-199 is philosophy and psychology and 900-999 is geography and history. An easy way to peruse the shelves.

There’s more there as well so stop in and see for yourself. The third thing that made me happy is how wonderful is the team who selects the books that the library is constantly buying to keep up with new releases and trends. Silva’s The Cellist, his latest in series of wonderful books, had tons of rave reviews before it was even released. But the Monmouth County Library already has their share in stock! And there’s one in Atlantic Highlands branch. (Don’t look for it for a couple of days, I’m not finished reading it yet!)


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