More than Just Fruits & Vegetables

Not even 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and already there are more than three things that have made me happy today.

If you go to the Highlands Farmers Market, you’ll find even more than that. Geoff Karch of the famed distillery in Colts Neck now has a stand at the market, and offering some of that terrific rum, gin and bourbon that’s distilled right there a few miles away from where Lairds made the quaff that George Washington sipped during the revolution. He’s even got a variety of canned cocktails that are worth the visit.

Add this to the stand next to him, Born to Hula, with their terrific hot sauces running from mild to wild, and on the Waterwitch avenue side of Huddy Park the world’s best mozzarella cheese made right before your eyes, and how can you go wrong. (Get a loaf of that home made bread when he’s making the cheese for you, or those anisette cookies from a centuries old recipe are superb.

The two farm stands are chock full of fresh vegetables and fruits, and plum tomatoes are in for all you Italian cooks that insist on them for your great gravies.

Our supermarkets are terrific and necessary, but what a treat to be able to stop in at a farmer’s market and get your produce straight from the garden.


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