Natural wonders, human wonders and the wonders of education

Seeing the sunrise over the ocean at Sandy Hook is a spectacular sight that would make anyone happy every day but even so, some are more spectacular than others. One of the things that makes me happy every day is living in the Bayshore where I can enjoy such spectacular sights. I'll write about Carol Bucco and a side of her many may not know, but I'll save that for another day. While I mourn her passing and will miss her dearly, another thing that made me happy today was hearing Courtney Grogan sing such a spectacular mass. I'm also fortunate, as are all the parishioners of OLPH-St Agnes, to hear Courtney sing every Sunday, but today, with several new hymns I had not heard before, her unparalleled Ave Maria, and the feeling she pours into her music can make you feel better even at a very sad time. I'm also happy today because I viewed another chapter in my Great Courses on American History I'm taking and learned more about why Thomas Jefferson collected the variety of books, in the variety of languages he did. We all profit from it centuries later, since he sold them to the nation after the British burned the Library of Congress during the War of 1812...At the time, Mr. Jefferson had the most comprehensive collection of literature in the nation!


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