Naval Weapons Station Earle.

When they hear that, the folks in the Bayshore think of “the pier,” that magnificent three miles of pier, wye, and trestle that every fisherman yearns to be on. The folks on the western side of the County think of 201 Route 34, Colts Neck, the entrance to the beautiful, wooden and very quiet neighbor that is also home to a number of other contractors as well as military serving aboard this very historic base. But to everyone, NWS Earle is a force in war and peacetime, and has been ever since it was first built in 1943 to answer to the war that was supposed to end all wars. The truth is, it was really long before the start of WW II, both Army and Navy officers knew there should be a base to load and unload explosives somewhere in the port of New York area, in an area close to roads and rail. Strangely enough, it was the Army who first came up with the idea, and the first to suggest Port Monmouth and Spermaceti Cove as sites that should be considered for a permanent location. The Navy also considered the issue,and decided that yes, an ammo load and unload site in the New York area was essential to the nation’s security, and yes, the south side of Sandy Hook Bay would be the ideal spot. But the Navy also had strong feelings about disrupting so many homes in Port Monmouth to accomplish their goal and suggested instead a unique


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