Negative & Vile

Mind you, this is the same council-Member that is rumored to have posted on social media that some of his constituents are negative and vile ... Let that sink in! Last night’s borough council meeting in Highlands left so many things to wonder, not the least of which was the councilman who simply chose to sit and look at the camera rather than be polite and courteous. Perhaps it is the elected officials’ right not to respond to questions…not a great reaction to the people who put you in office and depend on you to run their town well, but an option, nonetheless. But even that can be done with courtesy and respect. A simple thank you for the question would have done it. The questioner…a former council member to boot, asked the question at the January meeting, acknowledged it was a brand new council and gave a heads up that she’d appreciate an answer at the February meeting. The councilman didn’t make it any more palpable after the public portion was shut down when he said he doesn’t answer questions motivated by politics. So let’s see now…he can sit there and immediately make a decision about motivation of someone asking a question, then make a decision not to answer it……but he can’t do research and answer a question about municipal business in four weeks? But the former council member never got her answer. Actually, that councilman’s answer was not only rude, it was downright condescending, supercilious, contemptuous, disdainful, and arrogant. It started with “I'm a 37 year old man, I don't need to go back and forth…” Really? Why? What does age have anything to do with being polite to people who put you in office? Would it make a difference if he were 28? or 87? “It's just not going to be useful for the town,” he continued, then concluded, “that's how I choose to handle things.” So, because he’s 37, has made a decision in an instant that something isn’t useful to the town, forget about listening to more in case it is something useful to the town, the town he just six weeks ago got elected to govern, now he chooses to handle things by simply ignoring a voter? It gets better. The councilman then explains why it’s ok for him to be silent. That’s his way of saying "OK, you're going to say what you're going to say, and there's nothing I can do about it.“ Is that saying that a resident can only say certain things, things specifically that the councilman wants to hear” AH, but he continues to explain…all this, mind you, where the public wasn’t allowed to speak any more. “ if you have any other questions, honest to god, I hope it doesn't come off like I'm ignoring particular people. But at the same time, he said, “I don't waste my time on things that are more attacks instead of questions, and with other motives to them, and that's how I choose to handle things" How simply arrogant! Is he really saying it’s a waste of time to listen to the public? Is he really saying it’s a waste of time to listen to anyone HE perceives as attacking?