No Ones Talking

ATL. HIGHLANDS – Independent candidates for Borough Council Zack Brown and Morgan Spicer have withdrawn from the Oct. 18 debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters, cancelling that possibility among the six candidates vying for the two seats open on council in the Nov. 2. Election.

In their letter to the League of Women Voters, the two candidates wrote:

We are saddened that the Republican candidates have withdrawn from this debate. Morgan Spicer and I were excited when we believed all six candidates were participating, and we have been preparing eagerly.

Our feeling from the beginning has been that the purpose of this forum is to educate the residents of town about our campaigns, and give them a chance to ask us questions about issues that are important to them. We continue to feel this is only possible with all 6 candidates participating.

As the Republican candidates have confirmed that will not be possible we no longer feel that our participation in this debate is in the best interest of our campaign, or the residents of our Atlantic Highlands.

We greatly appreciate your time, energy, and passion for our democracy. Therefore, we have sent a $100.00 donation so those efforts were not in vain.. We are grateful for the opportunity and deeply sad that we feel we must now respectfully decline the offer to participate in this forum.

We continue to believe that a forum with all 6 candidates present is in the best interest of our community, and if the other campaigns can find a mutually agreeable arrangement, we will be there.


Zack Brown & Morgan Spicer

The two Republican candidates, incumbent Council President James Murphy and Ellen O’Brien, had advised the League earlier this week they would not participate in the debate based on discussions they had with members of the league and their belief there was no acceptable protection in place for several terms of the debate as set forth by the League. With only the two Democratic candidates agreeing to the debate, the League has now canceled the Oct. 18 event.


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