Not Taking a Seat ... Yet

A family emergency forced the cancellation of the planned gift presentation to the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society this weekend, but plans have already been made for this spring.

David Springsteen and several members of his family had scheduled a trip to New Jersey to present a chair dating to the early 19th century to the Society for display at the Strauss House Museum. Mr. Springsteen is a descendant of one of the most esteemed and referred families in local history.

Springsteen would like to donate the antique which belonged to his great grandmother, Mary Leonard Stout, the daughter of Capt. James H. Leonard and Emma T. Leonard and which the family had when they built the house at 55 Avenue D, currently the St. Agnes Thrift Shop.

However, Springsteen notified the Society this weekend that a family emergency forced a change in his plans. The Society will announce the date in the spring when the Springsteen’s will be able to return to New Jersey and make the presentation.


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