Not the Highlands I Knew

It makes me wonder why the Borough of Highlands has a Mayor and Council and not simply a Mayor. First of all, several of the councilmembers said it wasn’t fair for people to demand so much of them, expect them to know so much, etc., when they just got on the job and they deserve time to get acclimated. Forget about the fact they were eager to simply pass a $10 million bond ordinance with their limited time and experience on the job. Then most of council didn’t think it was a bad thing to let the Mayor on her own make decisions concerning a “confidential aide” for the mayor and the administrator. That gives the mayor the sole power to make administrative decisions and decisions that cost the taxpayers money without any input from any of the other four persons duly elected with her. Now it looks like the council is once again giving way too much power to the Mayor alone. Check out the proposed resolution on tap for adoption tomorrow night, where the Mayor or administrator can make mind boggling decisions, alone, without any input from the rest of the governing body, concerning Captains Cove Marina. Why do we have a Council? For that matter, why do we have a paid administrator? Another resolution on tap tomorrow spreads out the $2 million or so the borough owes that could be paid off in three years, but with adoption of this ordinance, it won’t be paid off for ten years. Keep that in mind when considering that $10 million bond and wonder how long that will keep taxpayers in debt.


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