Our Local National Treasure

The Sandy Hook Foundation, in issuing its annual end of the year appeal for donations, to help them keep up the terrific work they do at the national recreation area in our midst, put out a really impressive reminder of all they accomplished during the past year.

The amount of history they spread and maintain is pretty amazing in itself. They aren’t open for visitation yet….and aren’t we all looking forward to that day…but the Foundation does provide the programs at History house, the Fort Hancock Museum, the Lighthouse keepers Quarters and the Lighthouse itself.

But they also have been, during the past year, providing programming outdoors at the various ‘outdoor auditoriums” our beautiful Sandy Hook offers They even have great programs planned for the rest of winter.

The ‘Hunt the Hook’ Scavenger Hunt last April was a spectacular event with close to 800 people signing up to go all over the Hook finding the answers to a series of clues at both history and culture points. The Foundation took advantage of wonder teenagers and corralled them into a great beach cleanup at Fisherman’s Beach. Their three months of beach yoga sessions were a big hit, as was that evening hosted by the STARS Astronomy Club. That was a night sky lesson that gave everyone the opportunity recognize some of the brighter stars in the sky. There was roller skating, a live DJ, and an All-Star Benefit Concert, which again, attracted more than 1,200 people.

At the same time, The Foundation does all the maintenance at the six bike repair stations and also put up some new split-fencing near Lot M at the observation deck. The Foundation is funding the new drinking water access, coupled with informational signage telling the important of the story between water conservation and recycling.

It sounds like an awful lot being accomplished at a time when Covid has put so many restrictions on so many activities. For that alone, it’s worth an investment in the Sandy Hook Foundation to keep all its programs alive and funded. Visit their site at sandyhooknj.org and see for yourself. Maybe you even want to join this hard working Foundation. It’s the interested and involved residents who can keep history alive!


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