Our Next Congressional Representative? I Hope So

Today I was thrilled to meet up once again with Rik Mehta, a Jersey Proud first generation American who is working hard, and I’m guessing very successfully, to be our next Congressman. Tomorrow he’s making it official when he submits his formal application to run as a Republican for the seat currently held by Frank Pallone.

Hazlet’s Sue Kiely, who just got re-elected to her second term on the county board of commissioners is seeking the same seat, so it appears she isn’t certain whether she really wants to be a county commissioner or a Congresswoman, what with just being sworn into the county commissioner’s seat a couple of weeks ago.

So, with each running for the GOP line on the ballot in November, the winner would have to vie for votes at not one, but two different county committee conventions first, since the 6th Congressional district covers parts of Monmouth and parts of Middlesex counties.

The Monmouth convention is really early this year….in just over two weeks on Feb. 12; the Middlesex convention is in March. It’s the highest number of votes compiled in the two together which will decide who’s on the ballot to represent the party in November.

Since Middlesex voters represent 70 percent of the total in the 6th district, I’d say that Middlesex resident Mehta has a distinct edge here. That, and he’s well known and respected throughout that County and pretty darn well known in Monmouth as well.

You remember him from last year when he almost beat incumbent Senator Cory Booker for his Senate seat, a really tough job in a Democrat state like New Jersey. He didn’t carry that election, but he did do something else….Ric gathered more than 1.8 million votes, that’s more than any other Republican has ever gotten in the entire state of New Jersey.

Winning in November would then put Rik Mehta down in Washington, unseating Mr. Pallone who has been there since first elected in 1988. For me, it’s simple economics and common sense that makes Rik the more likely to fight against the really really big campaign chest Pallone has been building up for years. He’s also the one that certainly has all the talent, all the knowledge and all the experience to unseat a Congressman who has certainly been weak on illegal drugs, illegal immigration, and the epidemic which has changed the nation, and not for good. And knowing him, I also can’t see Rik Mehta as the kind of guy that is going to let the President take actions that really belong to Congress. Apparently present Congressional members seem to forget it is they themselves who regulate so many agencies and actions and there are those who are simply not doing their jobs.

Sitting chatting with Rik for a while today during his busy schedule of trying to meet all the folks asking to see him, I learned a lot more about a man I’ve liked since I first met him at Mayor Gluckstein’s house last year, where he and his charming wife Reema wowed the crowd. I knew beforehand he had some incredible education credentials…..he’s both a pharmacist and an attorney…and he’s used both specialties to work for the people even without being an elected official.

As a small business owner himself, he is certainly willing and able to work for the kinds of businesses that keep our First Avenue thriving rather than the corporate biggies that don’t appear to care much about how whether our small businesses which are such a part of our community thrive or not.

He has worked for the FDA, strong against the opioid addiction epidemic that has not only killed thousands but caused so much devastation in families. That’s because Rik is a family man, probably one of his strongest attributes, He and Reema have three young sons and they want them to have the kind of country both of them were so happy to grow up in.

Rick’s parents came from their native India with $100 or so in their pockets and a powerful desire to work hard, do their best, provide for themselves, and get established and become a contributing part of the country where they wanted to raise their family. So for that reason alone, I would strongly suggest that Rik Mehta will be a might force against the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who are actually getting helped with their illegality by not only being able to cross our border with Mexico, but putting them on planes and in buses to spread them….no vaccines necessary….around the country.

I like Rik Mehta.

I think he’s not only educated but also smart, because there is a difference there, too, you know….and I think he’s got a broad range of experience. I’d love his experience to include representing Monmouth County and Middlesex as well down there in Washington, DC. So continue to look for more updates here on somebody I really think will work for us in Washington.


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