Patricia H-G

of Highlands writes:

"Kevin and he's soon to be wife went on a long planned trip , its not a secret and I'm thrilled for them , try at least to pretend you are doing a little research , a quick trip to Facebook would have given you some hints"

Well Patty, a couple of things, first of which Facebook is not a reliable source for research, and not a venue for reliable information. Secondly, wouldn't you think the Mayor would have known that, or wasn't she informed about this "long planned" trip, because at the meeting she didn't appear to have any knowledge about it.

Additionally, according to the Mayor, Mr. Martin didn't know his vote would mean that the Ordinance "died on the vine".

As a new Council-Member ... and I know there is a learning curve, but maybe schedule his trips so that they don't conflict with Borough business and he could get some more "On the Job Training" is a better alternative for his constituency ... just a thought


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