Political Correctness

“While we know historically that transgender and non-binary people have always existed, as we move towards a progressive place where everyones identity is able to be supported and accepted, we’re hearing feedback from parents and students who are non-binary or do not identify with their birth gender. By stating my pronouns, which is a best practice in the modern workplace, I hope to reduce the marginalization of our neighbors and promote an inclusive dialogue.” I’m not critical of this, I just wonder why it‘s so necessary and even this very comprehensive and thoughtful explanation to me by Councilwoman Lori Hohenleitner didn’t help. I had asked her for an explanation because on her name plate at the Atlantic Highlands Council table she has added after her name (she.her) I had only seen that at the recent virtual court trials for the high school’s mock jury teams and understood it there because depending on the school, the roles were played by either boys and girls, and it would help the judge of the virtual mock trial to know whether Jackie or Fran was a girl or boy for the presentation. So when I asked why the two pronouns (why not just say male or female?) I learned from teachers of high school kids that I’m not ‘woke ‘ or enlightened, and if I were, I would have known the reasons. I’m still of the theory “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck” and not a goose or an eagle. feel the same way about people. I haven’t read the Bible word for word, but I still think God only created two genders and how we treat them, respect them and identify with them is important and necessary and should be respected. But to have to post a specific identification at public meetings seems a bit of an overreach, though I respect the councilwoman’s desire and reasons for doing it. I also particularly respect Lori because she always gets back, answers all my questions, and understands we can like each other without always having to agree on political issues. That’s the healthy approach. On another note, it was such terrific news to hear from Cathy Hartsgrove that she’s well, happy, misses having the Girls Café open….don’t we all???? And just like the rest of us, is eager for indoor dining and warm spring days when the Café can once again open for breakfast, lunch and in between. (I still say Vera makes the best oatmeal anywhere…and tops it with cranberries and nuts at your request!)


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