Porter Home

ATL. HIGHLANDS – It was Set Day for the Porter home at 35 South Avenue today, and by noontime, voila! A two story, 1,984 square foot home was planted and raised on site. The eventful morning, involving no fewer than ten workers for Baracah Homes of Glenwood, Del. or their subcontractors, began shortly after 7 am, as the semi-trailers rolled up South ave. and progress began. The friendly workers and smooth operation of setting the home on site also brought out a dozen or so neighbors, some bringing out folding chairs to watch the entire process, and all chatting about the excellence of the team, the apparently Amish father and sons all working with other employees, with the ages all ranging from the teenaged sons to experienced workmen. Baracah…the word comes from the Bible and means Blessings…builds a variety of homes of all shapes and sizes in their huge indoor facility on Rout3 13 in Delaware, then brings them by tractor trailer to the prepared ground. A team hooks up a hoist and crane, then, care full of not disturbing any wires or utilities, gently picks up the quarter of a house and settles it neatly in place, one building upon the next. This particular model, The Georgetown, has a Victorian flair, includes three bedrooms and two and a half baths, and features an extended Bay window front. Approximately 40 men are in the Glenwood facility, and it takes them approximately eight to ten days to build each of the units, with each unit of this particular model weighing approximately 35,000 lbs. Baracah retains its own subcontractors to transport the units, ensuring their own attention to excellence. Prior to Set Day, the property owner had to secure a construction permit and a building subcode technical section permit.. The owner has also sought, and already secured, plumbing, electrical and fire permits, all of which have been approved, making it possible for the structure to be installed. The footing had previously been inspected in April and the foundation was inspected in late May. With everything up to date, and the building securely in place, the contractor will continue to contact borough officials for the various inspections that are required in the continuing stages of completing the modular building. Watchful neighbors gave their approval to the excellence of the crew, the smooth transition of all materials, and the rapid start to a beautiful addition to their neighborhood.


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