Printers, "The Girls" and the Twin Lights

Every once in a while it’s good to it back and think about the business people you deal with on a regular basis, and think of the impact they have on you and your daily life. And today was another one of those days where the three things I am most grateful for are because of the great people that I deal with so often and who are all so terrific at their jobs.

First off is Paul Mark Printing in Freehold, where both Paul and Elfriede go out of their way to make everything perfect. Whether you want business cards, posters, invitations, political campaign literature or anything else printed, they do it! Perfectly, quickly, and reasonably.

They’re perfectionists, it’s true, and they’re old-fashioned in their attention to customer satisfaction, but they’re 21st century when it comes to their technical equipment and abilities. They can handle orders virtually, viz zoom, or in person with equal ease.. Check them out at and see for yourself.

Then a quick cup of coffee at the Girls Café in Highlands absolutely points your day in the right direction. Ever want to see a team that works well together, a team that even likes each other and shows it, stop in any days but Monday and Tuesday for lunch or dinner. Cathy and Ver are the “Girls” of the Girls’ Café, but Charley and whichever of all the wonderful family members who work in there certainly add to the joy as well. They don’t come any better than the Girls’ Café…and their friend Michael who keeps the garden like setting for outdoor dining so beautiful and colorful.

And even before the museum itself opened this morning at 11 a.m., there were lots of people up at the Twin Lights admiring the view, walking the perfectly kept grounds, or reading some of the great history notes in the Power House. That’s all because of the super team up there including historian Nick Woods….his walking tours of in and outside the museum are great! Even those of us who have lived here years and think we know everything about the Twin Lights can’t come close to all the facts and stories Nick has in his head and quick to tell on a tour.


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