Promotions for Police & a Proclamation for Bernie

ATL. HIGHLANDS --- Police CAPT. Scott Reiinert, Lt. Harry Murtha and Sgt. Adam Gurian were promoted and sworn into their present ranks Tuesday night at a meeting of the Borough Council which started in Borough Hall with the resolutions unanimously approving the promotions, and continued in Veterans Park across from Borough Hall as each of the officers took his oath of office from Mayor Loretta Gluckstein in the presence of an estimated 100 family, friends and well-wishers, as well as the entire Police Department.

Police Chief David Rossbach praised the officers and his entire department, thanked the governing body for bringing the department up to its full complement and congratulated both past and present members of the department for the excellence always exhibited and maintained.

Each of the borough’s department members was in full uniform and present inside borough hall for the formal approval of the higher ranks. Capt. Reinert is assuming the position recently made vacant by the retirement of Capt. Thomas Stone, and the borough reinstated a dormant Lieutenant’s position to raise Lt. Murtha to the rank commiserate with his duties. Sgt. Gurian, who has been with the department since 2005, has had extensive studies and programs in crime deterrent.

Mayor Gluckstein also read a proclamation honoring Bernard Sweeney o the occasion of his 90th birthday. Sweeney, a native of Jersey City, former newspaperman, and a former Director of the police department in Jersey City, is the owner of the Shore Casino and a renowned restaurateur and generous contributor to numerous causes in the borough. Sweeney and his wife Kathleen were also present for the meeting, and expressed their own thanks and pride in the local police department and the work they do on a daily basis. Sweeney said he was honored for the borough’s acknowledgement of his birthday, and honored to be part of the same meeting in which the police officers were recognized and promoted.

Borough Administrator Adam Hubeny, before announcing his retirement effective Oct. 15 (see related story) noted the borough is still down four employees in the Public Works and Harbor Departments, but applications have been received and interviews are taking place next week.

Council introduced an ordinance appropriating $275,000 for the purchase of a new sanitation truck and vehicle lift to replace the 2012 vehicle now in place and set July 22 for a public hearing.

It approved a resolution for a new police car under the state contract, but noted the current vehicle will be used by the code enforcement officer in the performance of his duties.

Hubeny noted the bond ordinance confirming the resolution to redeem bonds on the debt of the Atlantic Highlands Highlands Regional Sewerage Authority results in a $40,000 savings to the borough over ten years, and continues the plan to have the borough debt free within three years.


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