Property Give Away!

There are so many things that make me wonder what exactly is going on in Highlands government these days. There was a resolution, 21-71 on the agenda as of the day before the last council meeting. When you read through the resolutions, it spelled out the entire resolution. Then comes the meeting. The resolution 21-71 that was acted on was entirely different from, and in no way connected to the one posted the day before the meeting. Furthermore, the original 21-71…are you still with me?.... was no where to be seen. Nor could it be easily found a few days after the meeting. But I bet it will come up at next week’s council meeting with a fresh new 21-something Resolution Identification number. The things I wonder about are many. But for now, what exactly is the legality of posting one resolution, taking it off, giving the same number to another and moving forward? For that matter, how and why did the second 21-71 get to be acted on at that meeting when there had been no mention of it, no sight of it before the meeting? It makes me wonder what is the rush in the first place? Aren’t these the same people who don’t want to be criticized because they’re new on the job and need time to get acclimated and learn the ropes? The same people who introduced six or seven new ordinances ten minutes after they took their oath of office in January? The same people who wanted to approve a $10 million bond ordinance without even explaining anything to the people. Admittedly, they did end up having a truly good and well run, thank you, Mayor, explanatory meeting which didn’t give out too many new facts, but it was an effort anyway. So what exactly is the rush? By the way, read the already approved 21-71 resolution and see if you can ascertain why it was so truly important to put it on the agenda after the agenda was posted. And then check out the agenda for this next meeting and carefully read any proposed new resolutions by any ID number. There is apt to be one out there giving away yet another piece of borough property. You remember they just gave away a hunk of Cornwall Street, right? Well this one is right up there smack next to the Captains Cove Marina. You know, where that dredged soil was illegally dumped, beryllium or not. And where the owner et all are scheduled in municipal court next week to answer charges for municipal illegalities. Well, well, well, it’s the day before the elected leaders might be giving them that piece of land at their meeting the next night. And since when can you abandon roads and give the property to adjacent property owners by resolution and not ordinance? Isn’t this the people’s property, regardless of size or condition? Well, that also makes me wonder, is it really borough property in the first place the governing body now wants to give away? Now, if the borough ends up paying for the 2,038 page engineer’s report that was the result of illegally dumped soil, aren’t you taxpayers being overly generous in not only giving a private individual a piece of Highlands but also paying to be sure it’s clean from the debris and disease he may have spread in it?