Proving Ground, Friends, Caregivers, the Kids

Any evening at the Proving Ground in Highlands with some great friends makes me happy indeed, but tonight there was an extra reason. Before leaving after a great evening, great food, great waitresses and other great staff who always come by to say hello, and the never ending beauty of looking out over Sandy Hook and the Atlantic from the Proving Grounds waterfront windows, apparently a set of my keys fell out of my purse and under the table undetected. Since there were no car keys on them, I would not have missed them that night. Never fear. Before the valet brought our car around, here comes a waitress running down the stairs, keys in hand. The bus boy cleaning the table spotted them, she remembered who was at the table, then took the time to dash down, seek me out and return the keys!. That's certainly service above and beyond.

I saw that same above and beyond service at the Care One Care Center....aka King James.... today as well when I happened to drop in and visit a friend. It's difficult to go into detail about how special these care givers are, how they go above and beyond to provide not only professional help but all that tender loving care that makes the difference between excellent and extraordinary care. Today's heroines for me...and there are so many....are Linda and Brenda, as well as Kitty who provides more laughter and glee for every resident than any barrel of monkeys could do in a lifetime. Make a visit to a loved one in a nursing home, Thank a care giver, home or away., Appreciate the hearts and hard work of these wonderful people.

Everybody has children they love and know are the best in the world. But none of us lets them know it every day. Nor do we always appreciate it to the fullest. Sometimes there are extraordinary incidents that occur that simply make that appreciation pop up and you're grateful for their love, their concern, their education, their research, and their determination to help you as much as they can, but understand when they have to stand back and let you move forward on your own. You're very lucky when these days happen to you. It's one of the things that made me happy today.


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