Questions ... Some left unanswered

The resident who frequently questions and follows up on numerous actions of the governing body was fearful she might miss the meeting because of other obligations. Rather than take t hat chance, she emailed questions, was able tolisten to a portion of meeting. She let Veni, VId, Scripto know she wold have even had her questions in earlier but thought some of them may have been answered during the regular meeting. So she waited until the agenda was posted, which didn't happen until almost the 11th hour, sometime the day before the meeting. Michelle, I don't know if I'll be able to attend the council meeting. Kindly ensure the following questions are asked during public portion if they are not addressed during the regular meeting: I never received an answer from Councilmember Martin. What is the status of the USGS steep slope study? What is the status of the public hearing(s) on the school consolidation feasibility study? Has anyone reached out to the state regarding the police department study that never got off the ground? What is the status? I have noticed that Monmouth County is doing our street sweeping. I support shared services if they are saving us money. If Monmouth County is using their equipment, can we sell our sweeper? Why is Mayor Broullon still denying that the borough is not allowed to hold in-person council meetings? Emphasis mine, at the end. According to Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A. 10:4-1 et seq.,(b) If during a declared emergency a local public body holds a physical meeting in a location where, pursuant to State and/or Federal guidelines meant to mitigate the risk of contagious infection, the declared emergency necessitates capacity restrictions reducing the number of individuals that can be present in the meeting room to an amount below that reasonably expected for the public meeting by the governing body, the local public body must either: (1) hold the public meeting at another location with adequate capacity for the reasonably expected attendance by the public; or (2) hold the public meeting as both an in-person meeting and a remote public meeting. As set forth in N.J.A.C. 5:39-1.4(c), no in person meeting shall proceed if the room capacity does not permit any member of the public to attend. Based at that final section, the council is able to hold a meeting safely in the community center. There is more than enough room for the council and administration to socially distance, and a limited number of the public to attend in person. The reduced capacity allows for this. Thank you, Kim S


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