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Although good things happen every day that keep me happy, it's because there are so many of them that I don't always take the time to stop and narrow down the daily list to just three. But big or small, each is always something that makes a difference in my day. Now it's your turn! Send me the three things that made you happy today. Mine today are both big and small happinesses! I enjoyed a wonderful evening out with three friends at our Thursday night ritual at the Proving Ground in Highlands where we enjoy an evening of wine, whining, and winning solutions to whatever bothers us.. We can accomplish that every week. Two: Being able to hear from Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon how much she enjoyed this year's Mock Jury contest by high school students from across the county. Christine recalled when she herself was the volunteer who coordinated all these magnificent events for students as a most unique extracurricular activity. Three: I have some very hungry and very friendly squirrels who either climb up the column or run up the 16 steps to my apartment in the trees to take advantage of the peanuts and corn cobs I put out for their enjoyment! Now they just sit and look at me as I open the door to drop out a fresh supply for hungry diners. I swear they're smiling and syaing thank you!

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