Replacing Mazzola

HIGHLANDS – With two full three year terms up for election on the Highlands Borough Council, and deadline less than five days away for filing, no one has filed tor election to the Borough council in the November election.

Since the borough is a non-partisan form of government, the deadline for filing to appear on the ballot is not until 4 p.m. Aug. 30, while partisan candidates in other municipalities had to file in April to appear in primary elections last June.

In Highlands, Councilwoman Linda Mazzola announced this week she is not seeking a second term when her term expires Dec. 31. KL Martin won a one year term last year and the full three year term for that position is up for election this year. As of today, Martin has not filed his intention to seek the full term.

Former Councilwoman Claudette D'Arrigo, a frequent outspoken critic of Mayor Carolyn Broullon, with whom she served on Council several years ago, could not be contacted to confirm whether she will seek the seat being vacated by Mazzola. Mazzola, throughout the year, has been the only member of the five member governing body to case a dissenting or different vote from the other four, with the one exception when Martin voted one way on a $10 million question at one meeting and immediately changed his vote at the next meeting he attended. At that time, Martin explained his change of vote by saying he is a “very complicated person.”

Former Councilwoman Rebecca Kane, who in the past has indicated she would seek another term on the governing body, could not be contacted to see whether she plans to seek Mazzola’s seat.

In addition to the Aug. 30 deadline for filing petitions, state law also sets a Sept 2 deadline for any amendments to defective petitions for Municipal Non-Partisan Candidates to be voted at the November general election.

Applications for filing for election to a seat on the governing body are available at the clerk’s office, the same place where petitions are to be filed before 4 p. . Aug. 30.


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