Republicans Part II - People the AH GOP Should try to Emulate

Writing about the rudeness and cowardice of GOP leaders in Atlantic Highlands that led to my recent column and the many calls and notes I’m getting to congratulate me for going public with the cowardice, it makes me think of all the fine, upstanding people I have seen, talked to, or heard about in the last few days and makes me appreciate them more.

Love the comments of one great friend who wrote “Give’ em hell Muriel! That’s one of the things I love most about you, you shoot straight from the hip, or perhaps I should say from the tip of your pen!”

So for equal time to the not-so-rude and certainly not cowardly people who have crossed my path recently, thanks.

Thanks to having friends like Tricia and Dan Curtin, who every day, simply do something special for others, without any fanfare, any notice, any anything but sheer joy in helping others. They run the Food Pantry at OLPH in Highlands and whether the pantry is open or closed, the Curtins are still out there helping with a myriad of other problems for so many other people.

Thanks to people like Gabe Tauro, who in spite of being even older than I, walks up Miller hill every morning to be sure the OLPH church doors are open, and the altar and candles are ready for mass. Gabe does his work quietly, without any notice to the point we all take his kindness and generosity of time and energy for granted.

Thanks to priests like Fr. Jarlath and Fr. Tom who are always there to hear a sad story, laugh over a good one, or simply spread their own peace with God to everyone they meet, simply because of their faith. That’s in addition to the spiritual work they do as leaders in the church.

Thanks to the many ministers I know in the other churches including Marti McGrail in Highlands and every one of them in all the churches in Atlantic Highlands and Navesink who do so much not only for their own church members but anyone in need.

Thanks to Debbie Appello who saw I was sick one morning after mass, and refused to leave until she was assured I was okay and did not need anything further.

Thanks to Emilio and Judith at the new Emilio’s Restaurant on Center Avenue in Atlantic Highlands who donated some pretty delicious soup to OLPH for their Friday Stations and Soup during Lent. As a new business in town, it has to be a sacrifice to make such a generous donation, but they did it…without a word.

Thanks to a dear lawyer friend now living in Florida for such wonderful words of wisdom and praise for me in the aftermath of the rudeness and cowardice of those GOP leaders.

Thanks again to the Highlands administrator Mike Muscillo for immediately changing the American flag at the war memorial at the bridge. As busy as he is, he wasn’t too busy or too overwhelmed with other duties that he couldn’t show great pride in our nation’s colors.

Thanks to the Atlantic Highlands borough clerk Michele Clark as well as all the borough employees here who go out of their way to not only be helpful and knowledgeable, but also pleasant and friendly in doing their jobs for residents. They’re never too busy to go the extra mile for anyone.

Thanks also to Bob Ferragina who’s doing such a terrific job as administrator in spite of the heavy workload and so many new and important issues like school regionalization and cannabis businesses.

Thanks to Middletown Mayor Tom Perry who responded within minutes to a request for help for a displaced family trying to get back into their home after two years. It isn’t resolved quite yet, but this is a mayor that gets things done.

Thanks to Cathy and Vera and Charlie and the entire crew at the Girls Café in Highlands who somehow always manage to have everyone who stops in for coffee or anything else leave with a bigger, brighter smile.

Thanks to Augie who I also see at the Girl’s Café for giving me a different…albeit a bit warped! view of how we should manage rudenesses done to us.

Thanks to Highlands Chief Rob Burton for always being polite and courteous, and of course with no cowardice for understanding we can have differences of opinion and still be nice people.

Thanks to Capt. Murtha and the Atlantic Highlands department for being the kind of police department a small town should have. Thanks to Chief Scott Reinert for taking on the top job, one he’ll fill to perfection given his own high standards and experience, coupled with the professionalism yet hometown kindness of the entire department.

Thanks to Jon Crowley who might not like what I or any in my family say about him, but he’s man enough to talk about it…and do it courteously and friendly. And he gets his point across.

And while we’re on Democrats, Lori Hohenleitner is another one of those “quiet givers” who does a lot behind the scenes to help others, but doesn’t talk about it or expect praise. I’ve found she’s always one of the first to call and offer help, regardless of the situation.

Thanks to my friend Musky and his owner Matty who are blazing a path for better treatment of animals, all kinds of animals, not just dogs and cats. Looking forward to his newest book and newest venture.

My list goes on. And on. Because I am fortunate to know so many fine people and I have heard from so many thoughtful people, I can appreciate the beauty of friendship.Perhaps that’s the reason why I can absorb the rudeness and cowardice of political leaders who can’t pick up a phone to tell a disabled octogenarian they don’t think she’s worth a spot on a ballot under the Republican column.


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