Response to Mater Dei ... Prep for What?

Dear Muriel I hope you are well. I write this as a proud original Mater Dei Seraph for almost sixty years. I read your blog entry about Mater Dei Prep honoring Brian Williams with the Frank Atwater Life Time Achievement Award for the 2021 Seraph Gala. I respect your views and understand your disapproval of the schools decision and sharing it with your blog followers. Certainly Brian is one of many successful Mater Dei graduate among the 6000 + Alumni, although he is probably the most well known. I had to go back and refresh my memory as to his journalistic misstep(s) which caused his 6 month suspension from his position at NBC news. I believe he apologized when it was first brought to light and again when his suspension was over and he returned in a much reduced role for NBC. I did not know Frank Atwater , but I certainly know of his legacy at Mater Dei. Brian spoke highly on the video gala event of Mr Atwater and the influence he had on him during his time at Mater Dei. I would like to think that Mr Atwater was a compassionate man and would have been proud of Brian , despite his journalistic missteps. Additionally,I know first hand the founder of Mater Dei High School in 1961, Monsignor Robert T. Bulman, was a good and holy man, and extremely compassionate. He would have accepted Brian’s apology for his misstep and concurred with the award. Who amongst us have not taken some missteps in our lives, apologized and tried to do better. I know I have, but maybe you have not had any missteps. I do not have first hand knowledge who made the decision about the award for Brian. I suspect they looked at his entire life experiences and accomplishments , including his journalistic misstep, and they decided he was still worthy of the award. As Pope Francis has said, “who am I to judge? “ You certainly have the right to disparage Brian , Mater Dei Prep and Monsignor Bulmans Legacy , but I for one do not agree with your position, and I think the vast majority of the 6000 +graduates would agree with me My self and many others continue to work diligently to sustain Monsignor Bulmans’ Legacy , that is Mater Dei , as we approach the 60th anniversary of the opening of the school on September 5, 1961. Providing a quality Catholic education to all who chose to become Seraphs was then and is today the mission of the school. Then for taking the time to read this. I know I have not changed you mind, but I feel better having said this. Be well. Tom D Mater Dei High School Class of 1965, The First Class.


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