Same old, same old

Once again, Highlands taxpayers, start paying attention to how your money is being spent! Simply count the number of ordinances that are introduced to amend ordinances already introduced and passed. That includes the ordinance that council members voted down, that $10 million bond ordinance for the borough hall. Count what each ordinance cost in legal fees to be written, reviewed, presented to council….did that ever happen before a meeting when they vote on it?, printed and circulated. It’s nice the governing body wants to get things done, but you know the old saying…haste wakes waste…and it would be so much cheaper, make so much more sense…and cents….and give the folks in town a little more confidence in your abilities if you simply took your time and did the job right in the first place. Yet with all those expenditures and all that working in haste, nobody even took the time to look at a grant application suggested by a local resident. What would it have cost to simply review that possible free money and make a decision, rather than just ignore what seems like a rather astute resident’s suggestion? Heck, she even sent the proposal to you, but you didn’t even give her the courtesy of glancing at it. I do wonder what service oriented vendors we’re now paving the way to come into town with the amendment to that ordinance. Or is this just like the Bingo on Sunday ordinance it’s time for a change so we’ll spend the money and make it? And that doesn’t even co pare to the other discourtesy to the public, naming putting agendas out a scarce 24 hours before a meeting, then wiping out public hearings already scheduled and still current as of when the agenda is posted. But and hour and 45 minutes before a meeting starts, the Mayor is just then receiving information that makes it impossible to hold the public hearing? Why wasn’t that information available say, during a review of the ordinance before even introducing it? To expect residents to come out to a meeting only t cancel what you say is going to happen at a meeting is simply discourteous and downright rude. Particularly when it happens again and again. Then just for fun, take a closer look at the payment of bills every month and wonder whether some money couldn’t be saved there as well. Take this month for instance…and I’m only citing a few of the little items because they do pique my interest. How about a Gold police sergeant bade, or a retired police sergeant’s wallet for $69 each. Or better yet, a gold Det. Sergeant’s wallet, for $10 more, plus a $20 case to put one of those badges in? Or how about over $1,000 for tires (don’t know how many)_ for the Police Tahoe? Or $90 for a signature stamp for the clerk’s office? And another $30 to make copies….doesn’t the borough have its own copier? All little things, perhaps some of them even necessary. But there are lots of these little things that add up to a whopping big bill to pay. Especially when you include more than $620,000 for the regular payment to both school districts. But don’t take my word for it. Look at some of the bills, then ask what they’re for!