Say a Little Prayer on the Porch

ATL. HIGHLANDS - Prayers on the Porch will be at the Murphy home at 90 South Ave. Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 6:30 p.m. and all are invited to attend.

Prayers on the Porch is a three month old informal gathering of friends and neighbors who meet outdoors a designated residence, which changes each month for those who request they ‘host’ the event. Generally starting with a prayer led by volunteers in the group, the half hour session includes prayers lead by an individual, as well as private and personal prayers of thanks or supplication. In earlier Prayers on the Porch meetings, representatives of almost all churches in the area as well as non-church goers have been present for the gathering, either praying silently, observing, or joining in public or private oral prayer.

Everyone in the area is invited to come, participate, prayer or observe. The half hour gathering generally disperses after a final song, psalm or hymn.


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