Scared to Death

HIGHLANDS - The Highlands Horror Film Fest will be a special weekend event offered Friday and Saturday, Oct. 8 and 9, at the Highlands Borough Community Center, Snug Harbor Ave.

The event, now in its third year, is offering a variety of horror selections ranging from subtle psychological terror to full blown blood and gore in two evening programs and a Saturday matinee.

Film Fest director Rob Kneller noted both evenings will feature more than 20 shorts and two full feature films along with appearances by directors, producers and actors. "The Fest promises to be a scream!," the director vowed.

"It's our third year and “we have a great event planned with a variety of films made by independent producers from around the world that will definitely delight the horror loving audience,” Kneller continued.

Each of the two nights will offer something spectacularly different, with Friday being "Jersey Night" and featuring films made in the Garden State by New Jersey natives.

Saturday Night will feature both a matinee showing and “Bad Candy” as the featured film in the evening.

“We are especially excited about Friday’s Jersey Night, “ Kneller said, “because besides some very exceptional shorts it will be a double feature night with two films that have been earning kudos from film festivals across the country. First is THE ANDY BAKER TAPE, a dark thriller that follows New Jersey based food blogger, Jeff Blake. It was shot in New Jersey, produced by two former Montclair State University students, uses the Garden State as the backdrop and even asks the boldest New Jersey question...Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?”

The director continued that the second feature, “ FOR ROGER” takes place in Roger's vacation home, a desolate cabin that becomes a lot less comfortable when he realizes someone could be watching from outside. Created by recent Drexel graduate Assron Bartuska and a team of fellow students on a bare bones budget FOR ROGER has been gathering accolades from many film festivals across the nation.

The Saturday Matinee will spotlight excellent shorts including OCCURRANCE from Indian filmmaker Deb. The matinee feature will be an anthology, DARK TALES FROM CHANNEL X. telling the story when a babysitter finds an old TV set which pulls her into the world of anonymous masked entity who broadcasts seven stories of horror.

The Saturday Night feature will be BAD CANDY, a film about two DJs who host a Halloween show recounting local legends and supernatural events. The production stars Corey Taylor (lead vocalist of Slipknot), Zach Galligan (Hatchet 3; The Chair; Gremlins), Derek Russo, Ryan Kiser (The Dawn; House of Manson), Kenneth Trujillo, Mike Milligan, Haley Nicole Leary, Bill Pacer and Alexandra Lucchesi.

“We are proud to offer a variety of horror selections ranging from subtle psychological terror to full blown blood and gore," said Kneller.

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