School Regionalization

Absolutely terrific to see the Highlands Mayor and Council are acting on the resolution at tonight's meeting which will put the question of regionalization for the schools on the ballot in November. Sea Bright passed a similar ordinance last night, so hopefully, Atlantic Highlands will do the same at their meeting next week. It only makes sense! Studies in all three towns show how much they will mean in financial savings and financial help for all three towns.....remember, the school taxes represent the highest portion of the tax dollar in each town....and how each of the three towns will benefit from one single board of education and more kids in the schools. This certainly looks like something all three towns can agree on will actually be beneficial not only to taxpayers but to education for our kids as well.

Knowing how important the question is, and how much it can save the towns and help the kids I feel certain there will be plenty of town hall meetings to explain all aspects of it as well as to let residents ask questions. If this is what the Atlantic Highlands Mayor was talking about with the other two mayors when she was having fish tacos at Woody's with them, then hopefully she is in agreement with both the other mayors that this is truly beneficial to her town as well. What could possibly be wrong with letting all the taxpayers express their opinions at the ballot box? Heck, when was the last time all three towns agreed on something? What a great idea.


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