Serena DiMaso

I’m sure everyone in the Bayshore in particular is thrilled to hear that Serena DiMaso is running for another term as the Assemblywoman for the 13th Legislative District which includes all the towns along the Bayshore from Keyport to Monmouth Beach, as well as Middletown, Fair Haven, Rumson and a few more. She’s certainly an outspoken voice for so many issues since she first went to Trenton in 2018 and because of her experience and hard work, has worked herself into positions of even more influence and power which is a good thing. She is Deputy Whip for the Assembly Republican Caucus and sits on the Assembly Budget Committee, Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee, and the Assembly Telecommunications & Utilities Committee, as well as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission and the Special Task Force on Volunteer Retention and Recruitment. That’s an awful lot to handle in addition to everything else she does, not the least of which is spoiling a gorgeous grandbaby. I particularly like that in all the official bios, Serena has “legislator” as her job, meaning she devotes full time to being a representative of this part of Monmouith County in Trenton. I didn’t know Serena when she was on the Township Committee in Holmdel until after she became the Mayor in 2006, but I both read about, and wrote about, all her dynamo efforts for her town over the next five or six years. I always admired what a strong supporter she was of protecting all that farmland and open space that still makes Holmdel beautiful. Then I got to know more about her and write more about her during her three terms on the County Board of Freeholders, especially when she was Deputy Director for a few years. To that position, she also brought all her experience from expanding shared services in the township, something the county board is so strong in supporting as well. As the mother of four, she long since practiced responsible budgeting so for that reason alone it’s great to see her on governmental boards. She and Freeholder Lillian Burry were a great team of ladies working hard to maintain budgets we could live with! She also has a terrific husband, Dr. Gerald, a physician who doesn’t ever seem to complain about the long hours and days Serena devotes to helping others. I love that Serena still stays on the Holmdel First Aid Squad in addition to everything else she does, all our volunteer squads need so much help these days and everyone who volunteers like she does helps lighten the load and keep our communities safe. But that’s so typical of her. When she heard Atlantic Highlands’ former Mayor Dick Stryker was celebrating a big birthday, she not only wanted to have a resolution honoring him for all he’s done but insisted on coming to town to join the celebration family and friends had planned for him and be part of the crowd wishing him a happy birthday. She’s never to busy to take care of the little things as well. Serena is an attorney with a degree from St. John’s University, so she can easily work her way through those reams of laws and statutes that run the state. It probably helps that she also holds degrees in economics and marketing, so the combination helps us all. Just read there’s another woman who’s throwing her bonnet in the ring to vie for Serena’s seat. I’m sure she’s a very nice lady, don’t know anything about her experience, but for the life of me, cannot see why anyone could think she’d be better than the experienced Serena at the job. What’s that saying? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it??? Serena has proven she only fixes the ‘broke’ things and does that with class, speed, professionalism and determination! Zoom in Friday, March 5 to the Atlantic Highlands GOP meeting. (Councilman Brian Boms can put you on the list for checking in.) Serena will be a guest speaker at the meeting and will also be listening to what that community has to say about what it wants from the state.


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