Shining Beacons

Seeing those brand new regular mail postage stamps with one of the Twin Light towers depicted on it to represent this gorgeous historic site was pretty exciting this afternoon and seeing the people who came so many other states to add the Twin Lights stamp to their collection of First Day of Cancellation stamps was yet another first for the Twin Lights is full of superlatives.

Hearing the National Anthem so well sung by a NJ postal employee, Daylan Adam, with the US Coast Guard (who just observed a birthday yesterday!) presenting the honor guard is stirring at any time, but particularly now when patriots are simply not as evident as they have been in the past. Enough to make anyone happy.

As good as he was singing, watching the woman who presented sign language throughout the program was nothing short of spectacular! With American Sign Language (ASL) being the primary language for many people in North America, not only the USA, it is still amazing to see how this complete, natural language, with the same linguistic properties as spoken languages

but with grammar that differs and is expressed by movements of the hands and face, can be spoken so perfectly. But it was this woman’s rendition of the National Anthem that literally caught your eye. Not only could she speak in sign a description of the stars and stripes and the fact the “flag was still there” with such a look of pride and huge smile on her face but she could express pain and sorrow at “the bombs bursting in air.”

And the third thing that made me particularly happy today….and appreciative, out of many, I’m sure still to come before sunset, was seeing and appreciating all the work the Museum staff, the Twin Lights Historical Society, state officials, postal officials


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