Shrimp & Brocolli

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Not sure how this is going to work out, but I have been doing so many recipes, my tech guru suggested that I start doing the videos... Which I couldn't! So he has put my recipes into action!

Broccoli is one of those gorgeous green vegetables that is packed with lutein and zeaxathin, two of the most important nutrients for eye care and prevention of retina oxidation and age-related degeneration. It also contains something else called sulforaphane which some medical researchers are saying could prevent blindness.

Some of the other wonderful things about broccoli are the fact it’s low in calories, rich in fiber, contains lots of vitamins and minerals, and seems to also have some other compounds that help in anticancer activity. Not sure that last one is factual, but certainly does no harm.

Then there is seafood, long since known for its advantageous benefits for eye health. Salmon and sardines are probably best known for fighting AMD, but don’t discount the ever popular shrimp either. It too is loaded with zinc, another great mineral for eye care. Granted, to ensure the most zinc, it’s best to steam, boil or poach fish, but even grilling, baking or roasting provides so many benefits.

Here’s a great recipe for putting the two together, creating a delicious meal on its own, perhaps with a baked sweet potato if you must. Easy to prepare, so much fun to enjoy!


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