Sign the Petition to be Heard

There's a petition being circulated that everyone in Atlantic Highlands should read, pay attention to and sign if they are at all interested in what goes on at borough council meetings.

Perhaps folks from other towns should also take a look at it and think abut it for their own towns. As we've said many times before, ZOOM virtual meetings are apparently rather easy and inexpensive to do......when the Governor ordered all towns to provide it for the Covid emergency last year, everyone was able to do it.

My thought is: if you can do it for the Governor, why can't you do it for the disabled, the physically unfit, the parent who needs to stay home with a child or anyone who simply doesn't have the ability to drive to a meeting to know what is happening.

It's your town, your taxes, your disability should not impact how it's run or if you can have a say.

Sign the Petition and be Heard


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