Staying out of National Politics (but I couldn't help myself)

I don’t plan on getting on national politics, nor celebrations nor observances in areas other than the Bayshore of New Jersey which I love, but I am full of wonderment this week. In Holly Springs, Mississippi, where my favorite ghost lives with my favorite son, there was a day-long, outdoor celebration as a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on what would have been his 92nd birthday. Face masks were ‘encouraged” but not requested, let alone mandated. I admire Dr. King and admire so many of the things he did, from the time he was really Michael King, but had his name and birth certificate changed to honor his father. But consider this: A parade in Holly Springs wound around the Marshall County Courthouse, a beautiful square in the middle of the town. That was followed with an outdoor event with music and speakers celebrating King’s birthday and his message. And do you know what? There was a larger than usual turnout by the younger generation. I love that they’re honoring Dr. King in Holly Springs., It’s also the hometown of Ida B. Wells, one of the founders of the NAACP, and there’s a great museum there that honors her. I’m happy they combined the celebratory event with a giveaway of clothing, diapers, and free food to celebrate the Day of Service theme. But isn’t everybody susceptible to Covin-19? I can’t get an after dinner drink in a restaurant in New Jersey after 10 p.m. by executive order because of Covid. Why is it ok in Holly Springs, MS to gather hundreds together for a daylong celebration because it is for a great man? Since I’m still ticked about not being able to have a glass of wine with friends after 10 p.m., I also wonder why tens..sorry….hundreds,… of thousands of people can go to my nation’s capital, my soldiers can sleep on the floors of the Capitol, and so much pomp and circumstance can surround the inauguration of the President without any fear of Covid spreading? I can’t enjoy a glass of wine with four friends but half a million can gather, some with, some without masks, for a ceremony I can only watch on TV anyway. Couldn’t it all have been virtual like council meetings, court cases, board of education business, …just to prevent the spread of the virus? President Johnson was sworn in on an airplane and was a great president in spite of no pomp and circumstance. And another gripe…though I will my all means watch the inauguration of my next President and wish and pray he does an incredible job especially as Commander in Chief….you all know I have military children ….why all of a sudden is Mr. Biden scared to travel on Amtrak? (another great love of mine because of my husband’s 40 years of service to it, including many times engineering the train Mr. Biden took from Delaware to Washington) It was good enough for him to do….on a free pass, mind you…..for the last half century as a Senator of later vice president. Now, all of a sudden, it isn’t safe to take Amtrak from Wilmington to Washington? How about for the rest of the ticket-paying passengers that are on it? Is it safe for them? Has he checked? Does he care? Ok, one more very serious concern. My National Guard. My troops who come under Governor Murphy, as well as so many other troops from all the other states who have been wrenched from their families, uplifted from their paying jobs, forgotten for all the service they have given during Covid and every other crisis in each state and now ordered to go to Washington to provide more protection? Only now, now, after all their service, their dedication, their honor, their allegiance, and their order to go to Washington, they are being vetted? These hometown heroes who have already given so much are being challenged as to whether they are true to their country? I wonder about many things. But I know why my heart is heavy tonight and my prayers more imploring for the safety of my country.


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