HIGHLANDS – Thanks to the thoughtfulness of a generous bakery owner, the hard work and dedication of some Girl Scouts, and the gratitude and acceptance of the staff at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Food Pantry, visitors to that pantry have had some unexpected treats recently. Cups and Cupcakes, a family-owned business on E. River Road, Rumson, noted for their scones and muffins as much as their cakes and cookies, reacted generously to the suggestion of a part time employee, teenager Bella Cacciatore, for a way to preserve her hard work in creating her baked goods that were not sold by the end of the day. Why not donate them to food pantry so others can enjoy them while they are still fresh, Bella suggested. Cups and Cupcakes owner Denise Kelleher reacted in her usual generous manner and a new program was set up. Under the leadership of Girl Scout Troop 967 leader Maria Hubler, her daughter, Grace, and several other scouts from Rumson and Fair Haven pooled their efforts and set up a safe standard and location to accommodate all Covid-19 restrictions so they could safely accept the pastries, package them individually and deliver them to the OLPH Pantry in the lower level of the church on Navesink ave. There, Pantry manager Tricia Curtin set up an area and the scouts set up their packaged goods for pantry consumers. A sophomore at Bio Tech High School, Bella said she and her friends were happy to be able to play a role in the distribution of the high-quality product, because “we like to help people, especially during this Covid-19 time when people are having an especially difficult time. And it’s nice to see the people come in and pick up things that they will really enjoy.” The scout said the girls form small groups and take turns in packaging and delivering the baked goods to ensure they can maintain the safety standards, and seeing how appreciative people are for what they are doing. “This is a treat for us here at the Pantry,” said Curtin, who started the pantry with her husband, Dan, almost fifteen years ago. “There is always a need for all types of foods and staples for families and we welcome the variety and freshness of what these scouts have been doing for us and the people we serve.” From left, Jaina Barth, Bella Cacciatore, and Chloe Reichart (not pictured Grace Hubler, a sophmore at Trinity Hall.) Jaina and Chloe are students at Rumson Fair Haven High School, Bella at BioTech.


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